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Reinforcing your hotel’s DNA by matching service delivery with customer expectations.

We are turning Hospitality Audits from a static/two-dimensional judgmental rating and PR/sales function to a thorough and dynamic analysis of all components of the DNA of each property, as seen through the eyes of the guests, and then following up as consultants on the action plan created, to raise the client hotel/resort to best-in-class in the eyes of the guests.

dna is what makes you uniquely you.
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We are a completely independent QA provider whose audits are centered not around increasing membership nor publication sales, but simply helping our customers improve their product and service offerings. We do this by evaluating hotels from the guest’s perspective rather than an operator’s in three key ways, with the goal of fitting the hotel to the guest, not the guest to the hotel.


Based on our extensive experience as senior executives and trainers in the luxury hospitality industry, we realize that today’s customer expectations can no longer be measured solely by standards that were established for a Western Baby Boomer generation: Service criteria also have to fit the needs and expectations of an emerging new customer group that is heavily dominated by Millennials, particularly from Asia.