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DNA of the Hospitality Industry is “Service”. And your service is what sets you apart from the competition. DNA Quality Assurance is your service health checkup and provides you with an unbiased analysis of your performance.

Your Account Manager orchestrates everything for your property. He or she:

  1. Discusses the audit and consult package most suited to your property;
  2. Customizes the facilities part of the audit based on the goals of the property and its guests;
  3. Arranges the independent audit based on the customized standards;
  4. If desired, creates an action plan based on the audit results and consultation with management or ownership;
  5. Works as a consultant with the property (long distance and/or on-site) to bring any resources to bear to remedy the issues found in the audit and bring the action plan to completion. This can include training through our affiliates, and particularly training available only through DNA QA, on unique and highly effective emotional engagement skills that are the key to guest satisfaction;
  6. Analyzes the results in terms of occupancy levels, RevPAR, guest feedback, social media, and any audit conducted after a year, and submits a report;
  7. Repeats 1-6 above as long as the ROI keeps you happy.

We envision an ideal hotel/resort providing the best in:

  1. Facilities/services offered (how well appointed, functional, and maintained);
  2. Delivery of service (service style);
  3. Emotional Engagement (EQ, Emotional Quality);
  4. Efficiency (operational work flow that supports or cuts across seamless service);
  5. Environmental standards as part of their operational DNA (important for the planet as well as most guests today).

so as to give their guests what they are looking for in coming to that property.

Just Like Guests, the Hotelier Appreciates a Personalized QA Experience

We look at the offerings in the way the guests experience it, which means looking at what they experience through the filter of what they are wanting to experience, and at which presumably the hotel or resort is wanting to excel.

So, we use judgment, not a rote list of standards, several of which do not apply to your property, to understand strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

For instance, we acknowledge that a resort with two restaurants or golf courses may offer more variety than a resort with only one, but we also look at the quality of the offerings, how easy it is to make a reservation in relation to the number of guests vying for the same.

Personalization Starts with Your Account Manager

From our perspective, firmly grounded in the world of luxury properties, your Account Manager in an upfront consult will help you define the standards that apply to your property—meaning we discuss:

  1. Your guests and their goals in coming to your property;
  2. The services and products you offer to help guests achieve those goals—and then tailor-make standards to fit your goals.

He or she will also discuss with you whether you want an additional environmental audit and the full package, meaning follow-on consults to help manage and complete an action plan based on the audit(s). This beginning consult- and sales interview makes it clear that the audit will find what it finds, and there is no effort to influence results in order to justify training, which might throw the Audit into question.

Inspections that Go Beyond the Facilities

A DNA QA Audit Specialist then provides the independent two-day audit (longer for larger properties), which includes PR analysis, social media analysis, a survey of guests while on property, and a full, tailor-made analysis of facilities, service style, EQ skills, and efficiency for a balanced view of what is really going on in your property—and which, unlike the modern QA’s heavy focus on facilities, follows the original quality assurance done in England in the 1960s, giving equal emphasis to service delivery style; and to which we add the first scientific approach to emotional engagement, as well as a tried and proven analysis of efficiency, without which it is hard to service guests and still make a profit. The final report is submitted to the Account Manager and the client.

An Environmental Auditor conducts any environmental audit openly with your staff and also submits his or her report to you and your Account Manager

It Takes Action, Not Just Judgment, to Improve Conditions, RevPAR, and Public Perception

And as a partner, not a judge, we work thereafter to address any issues so Guest Satisfaction grows, thereby growing the business.

After that, if the whole package had been requested, the Account Manager works with you on developing an action plan based on the Audit(s) to fine tune the weak points and reinforce the positives so that improvements are reflected in guest satisfaction.

Your DNA QA Account Manager brings in many different partners to address any issues your hotel or resort may be facing, whether in terms of facilities, people, resources, etc., so that you can move ahead with your goal of being best in class.

This support can include training staff on any weak areas, whether IT, F&B skills, or the universal, solicitous and caring service style that works for all guests, based in part on the superior service given to the most demanding of guests—kings, queens, and royalty—by their butlers and household staff over the centuries. It can also include training staff on the latest, cutting edge emotional-engagement technology that will forever change the hospitality landscape, giving hotels the tools to engage smoothly and positively with guests, no matter their mood, and actually make them happier.