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The DNA QA Difference

DNA QA is a game-changing consulting-and-training Quality Assurance company that not only carries out the most comprehensive tailored audits but also helps its clients with dynamic operational and strategic solutions as well as staff training that builds superior service into your property’s DNA, thereby differentiating and raising your property in the minds of your guests.

1. Before the Beginning

Three individuals with superior service in their DNA, decided to combine their forces and extensive know-how, luxury backgrounds, and exposure to internationally accepted service standards, to provide an innovative and unparalleled suite of quality assurance services for the 21st century with the purpose of bringing hospitality, and the QA that was guiding it, closer to ownership and managerial goals for their properties.

2. Tailor-Making Standards

Together, from their unique vantage points, they created the most comprehensive and dynamic standards in the industry based on the top service standards that have major impact on guest satisfaction; and facility standards tailor-made to each property’s purpose and markets (because not all hotels are the same). These standards were validated by top players in hospitality who wanted to contribute their expertise as members of DNA QA’s Standards Board.

3. What we Inspect

DNA QA conducts fair, impartial, and highly informative audits of not just the facilities, but also emotional engagement skills, staff morale, efficiency and environment actions. The end result is that hoteliers have a really clear picture of the true state of their property and guest perception of it. Supplemental environmental audits, social-media-presence audits, and on-site/on-line guest surveys are also offered.

4. After the Inspection, The Action!

Because we consider hoteliers to be our partners, we do not just sit in judgment once a year and act as marketing arms by offering membership. While we do recognize and reward those who meet our standards, we take a more dynamic approach after audits by making available a full-spectrum action plan and, if desired, consulting on its execution until the guests’ experiences mirror their expectations, and their ratings build the business.