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Welf Ebeling

Managing Partner and CEO

Welf has been part of the luxury hotel industry for more than four decades and has lived on three continents while working in senior executive positions for such iconic brands such as Mandarin Oriental, Regent International, and Rafael Hotels. As COO of Leading Hotels of the World, he co-founded Leading Quality Assurance (LQA) and for nearly a decade served as Chairman of the LQA Standards Committee. Welf is the proverbial “road warrior,” spending about 200 days a year in hotels.

Jochen Ehrhardt

Managing Partner and EVP Audit Operations

Jochen has assessed the top 3,000 luxury hotels in the world, 1,200 of which he has visited personally, and only 1,500 of which qualify for featuring on his website: →

Steven Ferry

Managing Partner and EVP Training Operations

Steven has been a butler in private service, or training butlers and staffs in private estates and at over a hundred luxury hotels and resorts around the world over the past three decades; he has been setting and raising service standards for the profession as Chairman of the International Institute of Modern Butlers since 2004, from which vantage he has had several books and fifty articles published on the profession and on superior service. →

Monica Ferry

(MBA), VP Administration

Monica has established and managed multiple companies, as well as trained butlers and other staff at a number of luxury hotels and resorts around the world.